BLOG: Everything You Need To Know About Winter Storm

Here’s a collection of all the graphics I have shared on social media and on TV today.

Temperatures and precipitation, showing timing of transition from rain to freezing rain and sleet to snow: 

Check out that temperature plunge: 

Timing and impacts: 

Computer models’ ice accretion forecast. Enough to make things very slick but likely not enough for widespread utility interruptions. 

What’s the difference between sleet and freezing rain? Freezing rain occurs when there is a deep enough warm layer aloft, allowing the precipitation to remain liquid until it hits the ground, where it freezes on contact. Sleet occurs when the warm layer is shallower, meaning there is time for the rain to refreeze into ice pellets. Freezing rain is much more problematic. 

Bridges and overpasses ice up first because they are exposed to the cold air on all sides. 

The snow forecast: 

A Winter Storm Warning will go into effect for the whole area. 

Wind chills will be rather harsh during the weekend. 


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