BLOG: Easter Weekend Outlook

Easter is coming up this Sunday and this is certainly a holiday in which in the weather can impact many people’s plans.

First a little history. The last few Easters have been quite nice across our region with mild and largely dry weather:

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No extremes lately and nothing like the snowy start to the day we had in 1994. The date of Easter varies quite a bit, ranging from late March to mid April so the historical weather varies quite a bit too. No surprise that the coldest high temperature occurred when Easter was on one of the earliest possible dates for the holiday.


Another warm up is on the way for the weekend but it will come at a price. Saturday still looks like the warmer and drier of the two days although the warm front can still trigger spotty shower and thunderstorm activity.

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On Easter, a cold front will push in from the west, increasing the chances for showers and thunderstorms.

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Right now the risk for severe storms does not look all that high, with perhaps higher chances in SE Ohio and SW PA. But I don’t want to take the possibility of heavier storms off the table yet, it’s still early.


If you are planning your egg roll or anything else the weather can impact, here’s my first shot at hourly rain chances Sunday:

7am: 10%

8am: 10%

9am: 20%

10am: 30%

11am: 30%

12pm: 40%

1pm: 40%

2pm: 60%

3pm: 70%

4pm: 70%

5pm: 70%

6pm: 60%

7pm: 60%

8pm: 40%

Temperatures look warm all weekend. Sunrise temperatures on Sunday: gfs_t2m_b_cleveland_18

Highs will be in the lower 70s.

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