Good morning!

In the wake of last night’s storms we will be left with a relatively uneventful day today with temperatures in the 50s. There might be another shower this evening.

Now, about the weekend.

Snow in April in northeast Ohio/western PA is not unusual at all…especially during the first half of the month. From a climate standpoint, a little over 4% of our annual snow accumulation occurs in April. Snow Percent By Month

But of course March was warm (4th warmest on record) and it put most of us in the mood for true Spring. Well we’ll get there but not just yet.

A compact “clipper” system will dive into the southern Great Lakes late Saturday:


While this might start as a rain/snow mix or even just rain briefly Saturday evening, a quick changeover to snow will occur. There will be some lake-enhancement as the cold air blows over the open water.

The ground is warm, yes, but this is coming at night, giving the snow a better chance to stick. Especially to non-paved surfaces. The snow can come down at a decent clip for a while (especially north of I-80), also helping it to stick to the warm ground.

Models showing an inch or so for the I-80 corridor:


I think this is reasonable for areas north of Youngstown. I could even see how someone gets 2 inches in northern Mercer and northeast Trumbull. For areas south of I-80, a coating to 1/2″ is certainly possible.

This will be long gone by the time most are up and at em’ Sunday morning (just leftover flurries) so I am not expecting road issues Sunday morning.



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