Good Monday morning!

A little more seasonable Sunday with highs in the lower 40s, but with one day to go we are still on track to have one of the warmest Novembers on record in Youngstown. Right now 2015 is in 3rd place but we will see if today’s final numbers put us back in 2nd. Probably not since this morning was pretty cold. Notice how frequent warm Novembers have been lately.


Today, we look for quiet weather with a good deal of sunshine. Highs go back above average.


Meanwhile, an upper low is spinning out west and it will drop a blanket of snow in the High Plains today before tracking our way tonight and tomorrow.



Rain should be pretty “showery” in nature….in other words it will come and go. Despite a good chance for rain drops it will be mild high with highs in the mid 50s.



A dry slot will punch in behind the front Wednesday, leading to quiet weather with temperatures will above average (just not as warm as Tuesday).


Notice the blue off to the west….as a cold pool of air aloft pushes overhead Wednesday night, some flurries or snow showers can occur. We do not expect much in the way of accumulation with temperatures near or above freezing.



Not much to talk about in the medium range….it looks quiet with moderating temperatures.

There is NO sign of Winter in the long range.




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