Happy last full day of Summer! Autumn begins tomorrow morning at 4:21/4:22am (depending on your source, haha).


Image from

Despite the pattern being a warm one overall, the temperature map this morning shows a large pocket of cool, crisp air across the region.


On this final day of Summer, expect another nice one with just some fair-weather clouds mixing with the sun. Highs will be a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday.


As you are probably know, we are in a very dry stretch of weather that will continue through at least the upcoming weekend. The latest GFS model has only a small of amount of rain here next week, giving us a 10-day  rain total of maybe a 1/10 of an inch.


The Autumn season is likely to be a warm one overall and the next couple of weeks will be no exception. The 8-16 day outlook shows a warm period to start October.



Don’t forget, TOTAL lunar eclipse this coming Sunday evening. Read about it on this blog post from last night.

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