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Good Monday morning!

After another soggy (at times) Saturday, Sunday turned out to be a pleasant day and this is going to be another great week. The pattern (dry with warm afternoons) will be just about perfect for harvest time.

Today’s highs will fall just shy of average….pretty close to yesterday’s values.


This week will be dominated by high pressure. The air will be dry, allowing for cool, comfortable nights and warm afternoons. Of course, we need more rain. Some places have had about 1/2 their average rain over the last 2 months:


But there will not be a drop through the weekend. Look at the large chunk of real estate that will be high and dry over the next 7 days:


Here’s a look at the temperature trend off the GFS ensemble model. No signs of Autumn here!


Autumn officially begins in the predawn hours Wednesday. This is one of the two times during the year that the Sun’s rays are aimed directly over the Equator. From Wednesday through next March, the Sun’s most direct energy will be pointed south of the Equator…..Spring and Summer for the Southern Hemisphere and Autumn and Winter for the Northern Hemisphere.



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