BLOG: A Breakdown of Severe Weather Statistics For Our Region

Chief Meteorologist Eric Wilhelm's Blog

I love stats, charts, graphs, etc. So, when I stumbled across a treasure trove of facts and figures regarding severe weather for our area, I just had to share. We are in the middle of a pretty dull weather pattern so it helps pass the time 🙂

1) Tornado Warnings  

Although we have had a couple of tornadoes in our viewing area over the last 2 years, they were NOT accompanied by Tornado Warnings  (See: and

These maps show the year in which the last Tornado Warnings were issued for each county. The first is for the counties the Cleveland NWS covers and the second is for the Pittsburgh NWS area.


Interesting that there has not been a Tornado Warning issued for Mahoning County since 2012.

2) Tornado Warnings By Month 

No big surprises here; tornadoes are most likely in the Spring and Summer.


Notice the small “secondary” peak…

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