BLOG: November Review, December Preview, Winter Update

Chief Meteorologist Eric Wilhelm's Blog

November is in the books and what a November it was in Youngstown! At times it seemed as though we had skipped November and December and went straight to January. Here’s a look at how this November shakes out historically.

As always, statistics are for the Youngstown-Warren airport in Vienna, Trumbull County. Your backyard may have had some very different numbers.

SNOW: It was a snowier than average month and, thanks to some “bonus” snow on Thanksgiving, this November ranks comfortably in the Top 10:


This November ranks 5th for number of days that measurable snow was recorded: snowmeas

TEMPERATURES: It was, of course, quite cold. Here’s the complete November stats, which include temperatures and precipitation: novyng

So, it was 4.3 degrees below average for the month. That is a significant number over a 30 day period. No surprise, it was one of the coldest Novembers on record in Youngstown: tempranks

We were…

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