Wednesday’s Weather For Weather Geeks Video



3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Weather For Weather Geeks Video

  1. Thanks Eric. I had lost all faith in weather forecasting from weather channel etc. because they were so far off all the time……like 100% chance of rain when the sun was shining brightly in a blue sky outside my window! I really appreciate all the time you put into getting this info out to us, even when you are not working at the station….. you’ve restored my faith in weather predicting with your accuracy and willingness to admit when you just don’t know!

  2. You are my good luck charm. Please don’t leave us here in the Mahoning Valley! I LOVE winter and this has been the best one we have had in years! Thank you for making my day, but I don’t like that GFS model. I want 10 inches! WHOOP!

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