Monday Morning Snow Storm Update

Good morning all!

Here’s a quick update with what you need to know on the Tuesday night snow event.

First of all, one storm is thankfully missing us today; it’s a big deal for the East Coast. The storm that WILL impact the Valley Tuesday night is barely noticeable on the radar in the Southwest:



Snow will begin around 7-9pm Tuesday evening. Here’s what the radar should generally look like at the peak of the storm (around 1am Wednesday):



Notice the mixed precipitation will be MAINLY south of the WFMJ viewing area. That said, I think there is still a chance for some sleet to mix in from around Rt 224 on south. Where sleet occurs, snow totals will not be as high.


1) Snow begins 7-9 pm Tuesday.

2) Worst of storm: 10pm-3am. Snow will taper off quickly in the couple of hours before sunrise Wednesday.

3) Snow totals: A general 3-7″, with areas south of 224 (and especially south of Rt 30) closer to the 3″ due to sleet mixing in. A little more than 7″ is possible around the Interstate 80 corridor….but 3-7″ should work out for the majority of the area.

4) Leftover scattered snow showers on Wednesday could add small additional accumulations, generally under an inch.

More updates this afternoon!