November Review, December Preview!

November 2013 is in the books, so let’s review the month. The first half of the month had its’ ups and downs, then…BIG PATTERN CHANGE! The second half of November was quite cold. Here’s what happened each day:



The stretch from November 20-30 was tied for the second coldest final 10 days of November on record in Youngstown:



What about November as a whole? It was quite a bit colder than average, but not in the Top 10 coldest since 1930. Here’s how it compares to years past:


Thanks to the big storm last week, November 2013 will go down as a VERY snowy November. In fact, it’s the FOURTH SNOWIEST since 1930:


What about December??

Well the first work week of the month will be quite a bit warmer than the end of November. Here’s the temperature anomaly map for this week:



We will be a few degrees above average overall this week, which corresponds to highs in the 40s. We may even crack 50 once or twice before the week is out, Our snowpack is going to fade quickly. We will also be dealing with some raindrops on occasion.

The middle of the month is likely to be closer to average overall. Some computer models suggest a warm Christmas week, but this far out…..we will take it with a big grain of salt.

Finally, did you know we actually reach our EARLIEST sunset of the year tomorrow?? We do, and it stays at 4:54 for 11 days…..while the sunrise continues getting later.


Have a good rest of the weekend!




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